“The Soul Would Have No Rainbow If The Eyes Had No Tears”

“The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears”

This is a Native American proverb I learned today during my time around the Grand Canyon.
As I sat on the ledge of the cliff peering across the eight mile divide of the canyon I was reminded of where I am in my life today and the places I have been before. During my time of tears, struggling with grief and anxiety, I felt miles away from this person I am today. The divide in my heart felt like it would break me. I wasn’t sure I could ever get across to the other side.
And yet, here I am. Healthy, happy, at peace.
I am only able recognize how incredible life is now, because I once lived on the other side of that canyon. I only see the beauty of life now so vividly because I know how hard it was to make the decision to cross the divide and work towards getting to the other side. My soul experiences the rainbows because I lived in the tears for a time.
Today I sat on the edge of the divide, thousands of feet in the sky, soaring with the ravens knowing that I am here because I was once so far down below.
I want you to know this: If you are in the midst of hard time, you can climb your way back up. The hike may be long and tough, but you can make it. And remember that it is only through these tears that your soul will recognize your rainbow when you reach the mountain top.

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