Being EXTRA is who I am

I sat across the table listening to two people I love telling me that I’m just “too much”.

Not in the conventional way we think of being too much.

I heard a story I’d heard before.

I was told that I care too much, I’m too trusting, I give people too much of the benefit of the doubt, I feel too much, I think too much, there’s too much heart when I should be hard, my outlook is too kind, I give the world too much of myself, I care too much of what people think, and I love just too dang easily.

The truth is, all these things are probably true.

But to say that being “too much” is a character defect… well I just can’t get on board with that. You want to know why???

Because I’d rather believe too much in people than think everyone I meet will fail me, I’d rather be too kind to someone before I treat them with hate based solely on how they look, and most of all, I’d rather love too much than reserve my heart for only the people I know deserve it rather than giving everyone the chance to love me back.

I prefer to live too present, too fierce, too kind, and too loving than any way that makes me reserve any part of who I am.

So I take your opinions of me as they are and I raise you TOO!

Because being too much, being extra is who I am.

Anyone else out there too much?!?!?

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