Do It Anyway by Mother Teresa- A Poem for the Soul

“Do It Anyway” by Mother Teresa is a set of guidelines for living a life of true purpose.

I find myself all too often worried with other people and it blocks me from living out my true potential.

It is an ongoing process of staying true to my own heart, resisting the urge to allow others to shape who I know I am, and redirecting my focus back to my own work that has helped me move forward in my life with more love and joy. It is tough sometimes though, but Mother Teresa’s words inspire me to keep going.

Mother Teresa, honored in the Catholic Church as Saint Teresa of Calcutta, was an AlbanianIndian Roman Catholic nun and missionary. Mother Teresa was a Nobel Peace Prize winner and is known around the world for her charitable work with the poor, sick, and suffering.

I believe her to be such an example of sainthood on earth, and living a life with pure and true empathy.

I hope you enjoy her words, “Do It Anyway”, as much as I do.


Do It Anyway by Mother Teresa

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