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Dairy-Free Mashed Potatoes

Why I Love this Mashed Potatoes Recipe When I add dairy-free mashed potatoes to my Mindful Elimination Program meal plan I typically get a lot of questionable

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Chicken Thigh Meatballs

Why I Love this Chicken Thigh Meatball Recipe These chicken thigh meatballs are one of my quick and simple go-to family meals when I don’t

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to show a mama in her car.

Breathe and Be

I’m tired of telling women: Suck it up. Deal with it. Figure it out. Make it work. Just do it. Get it together. Inhale it all back deep inside.

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Being EXTRA is who I am

I’d rather believe too much in people than think everyone I meet will fail me, I’d rather be too kind to someone before I treat them with hate based solely on how they look, and most of all, I’d rather love too much than reserve my heart for only the people I know deserve it rather than giving everyone the chance to love me back.

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