The Best Meditation Tip For Beginning A Meditation Practice

The best meditation tip for beginning a meditation practice is pretty simple.

Learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable!

Yep, that is the best meditation tip I have because it is so brutally honest.

The biggest reason I avoid meditation at times is that it can be uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable mind, body, emotion, and spirit.

When I sit in quiet with myself I can become anxious, tired, angry, and frustrated.

My legs fall asleep, my back doesn’t want to sit straight, and my body hates the floor. My mind wanders, my to-do lists grow, and even worse – my judgy-side kicks in. I judge the person leading it, I judge the room, I judge the length, and most importantly I judge myself.

Some of my thoughts include:

“I am not doing it right.”

“I will never be a REAL spiritual person.”

“My mind is too heavy.”

“I don’t deserve this time.”

“I am not worthy of having a deeply meaningful life.”

The best meditation tip for beginning a meditation practice
The Best Meditation Tip for Beginners

The best meditation tip for beginning a meditation practice can be a hard pill to swallow.

Sitting with ourselves is tough! Like really tough!

What makes it harder is that we live in a world that tells us to NEVER STOP thinking, going, or doing!

Our minds and spirits are bombarded with messages all the dang time. Billboards, ads, social media, music, television shows, everything we do is in the name of getting somewhere and having more of something.

So when we don’t have THAT thing, or we haven’t gotten to THAT place, man, we feel like we are failing.

So we distract ourselves. Distract with our phones, tv, podcasts, or whatever it is that you use. We never learn to just be with who we are- RIGHT NOW, in this moment, without all the things.

Let me tell you a real-life example of my avoidance at work. At one time, I realized that every time I stopped at a stoplight, I was grabbing my phone and pulling up Facebook. I somehow needed to distract myself from being quiet or alone even for one minute while I waited for the stoplight to turn green. When I realized what I was doing, I knew I had a problem.

The problem was that I didn’t like myself enough to sit for one full minute alone with me. Because when I sat in quiet with myself I can became anxious, tired, angry, and frustrated.

Sound familiar?

Well, I am here to tell you meditation can help you. It helped me! I felt like a bit of a lost cause for a little while, but then I decided to make a change. I decided to get uncomfortable and start working through it.

The best meditation tip for beginning a meditation practice is just be okay with being uncomfortable.

It is uncomfortable to learn to be with you. It is uncomfortable to pull back layers of hidden truths, beliefs, feelings, and experiences. It is uncomfortable to acknowledge that you aren’t perfect and that you make mistakes. Sometimes BIG mistakes.

But y’all, learning to get comfortable with that hard stuff – THAT is going to change your life. THAT is going to propel you forward. THAT is going to help you let go of all that stuff that you are keeping yourself distracted from.

Then do you know what is next? Freedom.

We were supposed to live free. We were created to live free. We are full of the very thing that freedom is made up of – LOVE.

So the best meditation tip for beginning a meditation practice is to Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You can also be better prepared for starting a meditation practice by reading up on these four feelings you might experience during meditation.

Remember, we all start somewhere so, today – just show up uncomfortable, annoyed, scared, frustrated and just see what happens.

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