The Journey by Mary Oliver – Poems for the Soul

The Journey by Mary Oliver is a poem for the soul, that will inspire you as you take steps to move toward the life you have always wanted to live.

I love sharing poems and inspirational quotes that uplift us in times of hurt and help inspire us to look at life in new ways.

Mary Oliver is a Pulitzer Prize winning author. She began her poetry journey at just 14 years old as a way to cope with a difficult childhood.

I find her writing to have such a special ability to touch on the intense and complicated emotions that we all experience.

The Journey is one of my favorites! I hope sharing it will help her work touch and heal many more souls.

The Journey by Mary Oliver


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Click here for a link to purchase a book of poems by Mary Oliver. *I am not affiliated with Amazon or Mary Oliver’s work and do not receive any compensation for this post. Just want to share her poetry!

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