Be Kind. Be Generous. Be Present. Be True. Be You. Be EXTRAordinary.

Hi y’all! Welcome to BE EXTRA YOGA!

I hope you will find a special place to learn about yoga on and off the mat, explore joy, self-development, spirituality, and find some glimpses into my own life as I share my story with you.

I was inspired to start BE EXTRA YOGA after spending my 20s chasing the extraordinary and continuously finding myself disappointed. My perception of what would make my life special, successful, and an exception to the norm was based on achievements and perfection. And I could never quite reach it, even working my hardest. By my mid to late 20s, I found myself living in fear and constant anxiety. My pain was a secret I was trying to keep, but the longer I held it in, the harder and less fulfilling life became. 

Fast forward to years of yoga, soul searching, self-work, the birth of my beautiful children and my outlook on what makes life extraordinary has completely changed! I have found the extraordinary in the simple moments in life, in the leaning inward, in service to others, and in exploring my purpose through spirituality and connection to people and the world around us.  

My hope for you here is that you find the tools you need to do the same in your own life!

I think you will find yoga to be a place of jumping off into the discovering of how extraordinary you are – just as you are!

With Love, 

In my classes you will find:

  • Vinyasa Flow taught in an upbeat style that will get your heart pumping, work up a sweat, feel swept away, and finish energized and strong.
  • Lose weight and tone long, lean muscles.
  • Help relieve aches and pains, and find stronger body awareness for balance, control, and posture.  
  • Learn meditation as a tool to find a deeper connection to yourself, your spirituality, and to the world around you.
  • Relieve anxiety, stress, and worry.
  • Become more present in your life.
  • Find deep, lasting joy.
  • Discover the extraordinary love this life has to offer us.

Be Extra With Me

Join me on the journey to an extraordinary life!

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