Yoga Workouts for Busy Women Who Want To Lose Weight, Get Toned, & Reduce Stress with Limited Time

What would it mean to finally have a workout you look forward to and can easily squeeze into your busy day?

You want to workout – it makes you feel good! But every time you have tried getting in a routine…

  • You find the workouts too hard – leading to a lack of motivation
  • You can’t find time to consistently commit to exercising
  • You feel overwhelmed causing stress and anxiety

What if I told you that you can find time to workout and it won’t even feel like hard work!

This is the exact reason I created my Vinyasa Yoga Workout Bundle.

You will get quick, but highly effective 18-25 minute yoga workout videos. These vinyasa yoga workouts are easy and perfect for beginners.

Use this perfect combination of yoga, journal prompts, and breathing to improve health, tone the body, increase flexibility, and reduce stress and anxiety.

What Nicole’s Students Have To Say About The Course

Nicole’s yoga classes are like therapy. She’s doesn’t just go through the motions… she sets up intentions. I seem to zone IN throughout her whole class. I haven’t focused so much on my breathing before, and she does it with these flows that just feel so natural. She seems to be very PRESENT with her practice…very aware of surroundings and energy. Her classes truly have a healing effect! Mind, body, & soul!


About your Yoga Instructor

Photo of Nicole Schoolfield - Virtual Wellness Coach

Hi, I’m Nicole!

I am the owner of Be EXTRA Yoga and a certified RYT-200 yoga instructor. I am also a wellness counselor with training from Cornell University, a writer, speaker, wife, and mama.

My yoga company, Be EXTRA Yoga began through my own struggles and search for fulfillment. Yoga became my tool for connecting to the extraordinary within myself and finding the extraordinary in the world around me. Now, it is my mission to help others do the same!

I teach vinyasa flow group yoga classes, meditation, and breathing techniques in weekly classes in the New Orleans area and online. I also teach private yoga sessions, small group classes, office yoga, conference presentations, and mini-retreats for organizations.

I have taken my weekly programs and created online content that you will have lifetime access to.

Available today for ONLY…

$65 $39

Here’s what you get with Yoga Workouts, Postures, & Breathing Exercises To Get Toned and Relieve Stress

  • Short ~20 Minute Yoga Workouts – Get toned and more flexible with little commitment required. Easy to squeeze in quick workouts when needed.
  • Tone and Strength Yoga Class – When you want a full-body workout to help with toning and strengthening muscles.
  • Stretch and Pause Yoga Class – When you want to feel refreshed, centered, and grounded.
  • 5 Beginner Yoga Class Videos – Anyone can do it, no matter their experience level.
  • Breath Control Video – Find stability and calmness.
  • Affirmations Video – Shift emotions away from negative to more positive feelings.
  • Yoga Postures for Relieving Stress & Anxiety PDF – Know the exact yoga poses to practice when you want to relive stress and anxiety.
  • 5 Days of Mindfulness Journal Prompts – Relieve and eliminate stress and anxiety.
  • 5 Days of Inspirational Poems – Feel inspired and motivated to dig deeper into your personal desires and goals.
  • Calming Spotify Playlist – Easy access to relaxing music to help decompress while practicing yoga.
  • Taught by certified yoga instructor & Cornell University trained wellness counselor – Created by an expert in yoga and wellness so you know that the exercises you are doing are meaningful.
  • Lifetime Access – Access to effective yoga workouts whenever you need or want them.

What Nicole’s Students Have To Say About The Course

Nicole’s yoga classes are both a great challenge for your body and food for your soul. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never taken a yoga class before or if you are experienced in the practice of yoga. She always begins each practice with very wise words that help guide her students to mentally connect with their bodies and move intentionally through all of the poses and flows. She helps her students to be present in the moment. The physical and mental growth I’ve experienced through Nicole’s yoga classes is immeasurable. I am simply a better person, mind, body, and soul.

Be Extra Yoga 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund?

If you are unsatisfied with this yoga workout bundle, reach out to us within 7 days of purchase to receive a refund.

Is this for beginners?

Yes, this bundle of yoga classes is perfect for both beginner and more advanced yogis.

How will I access the course?

The course is hosted on Teachable. You will be able to login in there to gain access.

How long will have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course.

What Nicole’s Students Have To Say About The Course

Class was amazing! This gave me a sense of comfortability and release that I was able to find throughout my breath and phrase work.


Yoga Workouts, Postures, & Breathing Exercises To Get Toned and Relieve Stress

Available today for only…

$65 $39