Can Ghee Be Used For Hormonal Balance?

Ghee can be used as a dairy substitute and it’s also a great thing to use for natural hormonal balance. In this post we will be discussing what ghee is and why you can include it in a dairy free diet for good gut health.

What Is Ghee?

Ghee is a type of clarified butter. This means ghee is heated and strained to remove the water and milk solids from it.

Basically, ghee is butter without the dairy proteins. When you make ghee the milk sugar lactose is removed and most of the casein too.

Ghee is traditionally used in Indian cuisine. It was created so that the butter could be stored in heat without spoiling. It is solid at room temperature and does not need to be refrigerated.

Is Ghee Good For Hormone Imbalance?

I stay away from dairy first because it is a known inflammation causing food. For me personally, I am dairy intolerant. But on top of that, dairy is difficult for the human body to breakdown.

Since ghee is completely lactose free and almost completely free of casein, it can be used by those who are dairy intolerant. Even if you aren’t intolerant or allergic, casein and lactose can be difficult for the body to break down, causing digestive issues.

For these reasons, ghee is a great ingredient to use as a dairy substitute when treating hormone imbalance.

Can Ghee Balance Hormones?

Cooking with ghee alone will not completely balance your hormones. There are additional hormone imbalance diet changes you will likely need to make in order to reach a good place.

The good news is switching to ghee is a great start towards getting your hormones in check. Plus, it is such a tasty, simple alternative to using regular butter. This makes sense because at the end of the day at it’s core, it is actually butter – just a mostly dairy free version.

Benefits of Using Ghee

If you use ghee as part of eating a dairy free diet, there are quite a few benefits. Below I will review some of the reasons I love to include ghee instead of butter in my cooking.

Hormonal Balance

Removing dairy from your diet can make big changes for you. Cooking with ghee is one thing you can do to remove dairy from your diet.

Milk contains hormones from the mother cow. These hormones then end up ingested into our bodies. If you are aiming for hormone balance, it’s best to not add these hormones that are meant for cows to the human body.


Just as removing dairy from your diet can help with hormone balance, it also can have a huge impact on your gut health. Dairy products are big digestion disrupters.

But when you remove these digestion blockers, as you do with ghee, it makes it into something that will not cause digestion problems.

Helps with Wide Variety of Diseases & Ailments

Just as above you can use ghee as part of the process for removing dairy from your diet. Eating dairy free has proven to help with autoimmune disease, skin issues, allergies, PMS, chronic pain, and more.

If you are struggling with any of these problems, switching to a dairy free diet is definitely worth a try.

Less Needed

Ghee is concentrated butter, which means you can use less and it still goes a long way. That means you will be eating less calories – always a win!


Ghee is delicious. It has a more concentrated flavor and it’s naturally buttery and nutty.

Easy To Use

It might be surprising to find out that there quite a few things that make ghee easy to use. Here’s a list of a few reasons.

  • Easily spreadable
  • Cooks at a higher temperature than butter
  • Does not need to be refrigerated
  • Can be bought in most grocery stores
Is ghee good for hormonal balance?

How To Cook with Ghee For Hormonal Balance

The good news when using ghee it’s just a simple replacement for butter. If a recipe calls for butter, use ghee instead at a 1:1 ratio. That makes cooking pretty simple and straightforward.

Just keep in mind that ghee has more moisture so you might find you need to slightly alter other ingredients too. Or, since ghee is so concentrated you can try using less ghee. I recommend experimenting a bit to see what works best for you and your taste buds.

If you are not into the whole experimenting while you cook thing (or just want some recipe ideas), than you can get FREE access to five of my recipes that use ghee instead of butter. Just fill in the form below!

Using ghee for hormonal balance might be the right step for solving hormone imbalance problems.

Try using ghee as a dairy substitute and you just might find it helps with hormonal balance. But do keep in mind that there is much more that encompasses eating proper foods for hormone balance.

Besides replacing butter with ghee, there are other changes to your eating habits (like eating a completely dairy free diet) that are probably necessary.