10 Best Non-Slip Yoga Mat Towels for 2024

Last updated: December 30, 2023

When people think of accessories and equipment they need for yoga practice they’ll commonly list a mat, yoga pants, and maybe a block or booster. But, one thing that’s way too commonly overlooked, but equally as important, is a yoga towel.

Maybe you’re on the hunt for a new yoga towel. Or, maybe you’re not sure how a yoga towel can help your yoga practice. In this article I have collated a list of the best yoga mats. So, let’s get into it.

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What Is a Yoga Towel?

A yoga towel is designed to fit over your yoga mat during your practice. It stops you from slipping due to moisture.

A great thing about yoga towels is that they are multi-functional. They can also be rolled up and used as a pillow for your head or knees or as a support block in yoga poses.

Unlike a regular towel, a yoga towel is designed to be used for yoga. It’s a must have accessory for any serious yoga practice.

A yoga mat towel provides extra stability beyond just the mat. It is great for absorbing moisture from sweat, meaning they come in particularly handy during hot yoga sessions.

Why Would You Use a Yoga Towel?

Let’s dive into the advantages of these popular yoga accessories.

  • Absorbs moisture. When you’re enjoying a yoga session, particularly a hot yoga one, it’s common to sweat a significant amount. This sweat then falls onto your mat, making it not only more slippery, but dirtier. Your yoga towel will protect your mat from becoming dirty and slippery by absorbing the sweat.
  • Stops slippage. When there’s moisture on your yoga mat, the surface is more slippery. This can increase your chances of losing your grip and falling. Yoga towels are helpful for yogis who find that they struggle to stay stable on their mats in particular positions.
  • Boasts multiple uses. When you’re relaxing in the savasana position, for example, and you no longer need your mat to protect you from slippages, you can roll up your yoga towel and use it for a pillow. It can also be used to protect your knees on movements that require you to be kneeling down.
  • Protects your yoga mat. Over time excessive moisture and wear and tear can rub away at the surface of your yoga mat. When you use a yoga towel to protect your mat from moisture, you help it to last longer.

With all those benefits in mind, let’s get started reviewing the best yoga towels on the market today.

Best Yoga Mat Towels (Non-Slip)

Here’s my selection of the best yoga mat towels. These towels are non-slip, meaning you don’t have to worry that you’ll lose grip and fall during your yoga session.

1 – Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel

The Manduka eQua yoga mat towel is made from a soft suede-like microfiber fabric. The fabric is ultra-absorbent and durable, promising you a slip-free yoga experience. It dries quickly, so even in your sweatiest sessions you won’t have to worry about slipping.

It’s 72 inches long and comes in three different deep shades that won’t show moisture and sweat. The material itself is recyclable and long-lasting. It won’t end up in a landfill after only a few uses.

It can also be used in other exercise settings, making it incredibly versatile and eliminating the need for multiple gym towels. Thanks to its versatility, durability, and recyclability, I consider this yoga towel an eco-friendly choice.

One of the best things about this yoga towel is that it’s lightweight. Whether you’re taking it on a long trip or simply transporting it to and from yoga class, you can take it with you anywhere.

2 – Shandali GoSweat Non-Slip Hot Yoga Towel

This absorbent microfiber yoga towel is incredibly affordable considering all of its impressive features. Unlike many other yoga towels, the Shandali GoSweat yoga towel can actually be used with or without a yoga mat.

If you’re heading to the beach or going on vacation with luggage restrictions, you won’t need to pack a bulky yoga mat. When used with a yoga mat, it helps to protect your mat from the damage caused by sweat and wear and tear.

This yoga towel is specially formulated for hot yoga, thanks to its state-of-the-art sweat absorption technology. You can create a solid and stable foundation to hold your poses and minimize the risk of slipping on sweat.

Along with its incredible absorbing moisture, this towel is incredibly lightweight. It’s easy to take anywhere and fits into a variety of bags.

It also comes with a 100% manufacturer warranty, which promises your money back if you’re not satisfied with the product. The best features of this yoga towel are its ability to absorb sweat and that it doesn’t move around excessively during a yoga session.

3 – Gaiam Yoga Towel

With microfiber fabric, the Gaiam yoga towel is excellent for creating a sweat-free, non-slip environment in which you can practice your favorite yoga poses. This popular yoga towel has been specifically created to fit over a standard-size yoga mat. It’s likely to fit most yoga mats on the market.

To help the towel stay in place, there are four corner pockets on the backside of the towel. These pockets help to secure the mat in place so it won’t shift around during use. Yes, even during the most energetic yoga flows.

A common complaint about yoga towels is they bunch up and don’t stay in place. But with this towel, the pockets secure the towel and stop it from bunching.

The material that this yoga towel is made from absorbs twice as much moisture as standard cotton and dries in half the time. There’s no need to worry about slippages or having to wash it just days after washing it to use it again.

A bonus? The towel is constructed from a hypoallergenic material. This makes it perfect for allergy sufferers.

The best features of this yoga towel are its ability to keep yogis stable during vigorous yoga sessions and it’s ability to prevent slipping.

4 – Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel

The Yogitoes yoga towel is especially formulated to prevent people from slipping during their yoga session, no matter how much they sweat or how vigorous the practice is. It is available in a wide range of colors including lavender, deep sea, and midnight.

This yoga towel is quick-drying and ultra-absorbent for a more comfortable practice, even during hot yoga. It is also incredibly lightweight. That makes it easy to take with you whether you are traveling or going to your local yoga class.

The bottom of this towel is anti-slip thanks to Yogitoes’ patented skidless technology. It uses silicone nubs to grip the mat and help you remain stable.

If sustainability is a key consideration for you, each yoga towel is made from no fewer than four discarded water bottles.

5 – Clever Yoga Mat Towel

This yoga mat towel from the Clever Yoga Store promises no more slipping and sliding during your yoga practice. It is an attractive towel with a striking honeycomb design.

It is made from super soft suede microfiber. This towel has a double-sided silicone design that grips the mat or the floor to help you achieve a non-slip practice.

The silicone is smooth and embedded in the towel. This means there are no lumps and bumps to distract from your session. On top of that, this towel weighs less than 1.5 lbs. It’s lightweight and easy to carry around.

You can order the Clever yoga mat towel risk-free thanks to a full refund guarantee that promises to refund the price of the towel if you’re not happy with it. The best feature of this towel is that it does NOT bunch up during use.

6 – Heathyoga Non-Slip Hot Yoga Towel

The Heathyoga yoga towel is specifically designed with those practicing the famously sweaty form of yoga, hot yoga, in mind. This non-slip yoga towel is made with premium absorbent microfiber. That means there’s no risk of slipping and sliding around your mat during a session.

The innovative underside of the towel is lined with a silicone coating which helps it to grip either the mat or the floor and prevent bunching. It’s 30% thicker than average yoga towels, but still lightweight. You won’t have to worry about it weighing too much in your yoga bag or being too heavy to take on your next trip.

When you’re not using the towel it’s incredibly easy to look after. Simply throw the towel into the washing machine as normal and it’ll come out smelling fresh and looking great.

The towel measures 72×76 inches – the perfect size to fit nearly all standard yoga mats. It can also double up as a towel for other forms of exercise or as a camping or beach towel.

7 – YOGA MATE Perfect Yoga Towel

The YOGA MATE towel is ideal for hot yoga, regular yoga, pilates, and even other forms of exercise. This super-absorbent yoga towel will stop moisture from reaching your mat and prevent you from slipping and sliding (and risking injury as a result) during your yoga sessions.

It is available in a range of four different designs and colors. This yoga towel is made from microfiber, a material that’s renowned for absorbing moisture and drying quickly. Additionally, microfiber is super soft, making for a more pleasant yoga experience.

This towel is slightly larger so that it can fit both regular and large yoga mats. Despite its size, it’s still lightweight. You can take it to the beach, on vacation, or to your next yoga class without difficulty.

If you like to stay stylish while you’re practicing yoga, opt for the classic tie-dye option, which adds a more fashionable edge to this popular yoga accessory. The best parts of the YOGA MATE towel include its absorbency, softness, and ability to prevent slips and keep the body cool.

8 – Hystrada Yoga Towel

If you’re looking for a more stylish yoga towel, the Hystrada yoga towel should be your go-to choice. Promising an absorbent and odorless experience, this yoga towel is available in a range of cool tie-dye designs in various colors.

Don’t worry about getting your Hystrada yoga towel dirty, as it can be cleaned just like a normal towel but dries in half the time. Anti-slip particles on the back of the towel prevent it from moving, helping to minimize the risk of injury during your yoga sessions. It can also be used as a camping towel or other forms of exercise such as aerobics and sit-ups.

9 – Ewedoos Yoga Towel with Anchor Fit Corners

Available in colorful tie-dye colors, this Ewedoos yoga towel is designed to make your yoga sessions as enjoyable as possible. Made from super-soft and absorbent microfiber, with this yoga towel you can rest assured that you won’t slip or fall during your practice. It’s even suitable for notoriously sweaty Bikram or hot yoga classes.

This yoga towel comes with handy pockets on the underside. You can attach it to your yoga mat for even more safety and stability. No more bunching during your sun salutation!

The dimension is 72×76 inches, making it the ideal size for various yoga mats. Plus, it hooks easily onto your mat. You don’t have to try and carry two different items to your next yoga class.

10 – LuLuLemon Yoga Mat Towel with Grip

With corner pockets and an elastic strap to keep the towel in touch with the mat at all times, this LuLuLemon yoga towel promises stability during your yoga practice with features to stop it from bunching.

It’s designed to fit most standard-size mats and slip comfortably over their corners. Its light weight allows it to be easily transported from place to place. This towel has been praised for its effectiveness, but keep in mind, it doesn’t perform as well in super sweaty hot yoga sessions.

Bonus tip: Spritzing some water lightly over the top side of the towel can give you added grip when it comes to start your yoga session.

10 best yoga towels.

Can I Just Use a Regular Towel Instead?

You might think you could just use a regular cotton towel for your yoga practice. After all, they do absorb moisture.

Unfortunately, a regular towel won’t do the job half as effectively as a dedicated yoga towel. These specialized towels tend to be created with microfiber. This is much more absorbent than cotton and other similar materials.

It also dries more quickly. If you practice yoga regularly and need to wash your towel, it will be much more likely to dry before your next session.

If you’re doing hot yoga, for example, you might find a regular cotton towel is already drenched halfway through your session. Yoga mat towels can come with other helpful features, such as clips, silicone nubs, or hooks that allow you to easily attach the towel to your yoga mat.

The dimensions tend to be more yoga-mat friendly too. Even if the yoga towel you opt for doesn’t have the means to stick itself to your mat, it will still be less slippery than a regular towel. This is very important for avoiding falls.

Now that you know the best yoga towels, it’s time to select the top one for your needs.

So there you have it! That’s my list of the best yoga mat towels on the market today. All of them sufficiently perform the role of absorbing moisture from sweat and helping you get a better grip for holding poses. But, they all have different looks and features.

When selecting a yoga mat towel for your needs, establish exactly what you need from your yoga towel. It could be a particular style, size, type of grip to the mat (like pockets or silicone), or color. Next, choose the right one accordingly. You won’t regret it when you realize how revolutionary these yoga accessories really are.

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