Five-Minute Feel Good Yoga Flow

Here is the list of movements for my Five-Minute Feel Good Yoga Flow. You can find the Hyperlapse video on my social media feeds to see the movements in action on Facebook or Instagram.

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Be Fearless!

Try out the sequence! It is detailed so you can work on this on your own with or without video. It may seem like a lot of poses, but don’t let that scare you. It only takes five minutes to complete!


Try adding some music that makes you happy, light a scented candle, and take these five minutes for yourself. I think you will feel more open to new ideas, find you can shake off any funky feelings, and be a bit more energized for your day.

Five Minute Feel Good Yoga Flow Sequence

  1. Come to an easy seat.
  2. Three big deep inhales in and out the nose.
  3. Inhale the hands up over the head. Exhale the hands to prayer. Repeat 3Xs.
  4. Twist to the Right Side. Bring left hand to Right knee. Look over your right shoulder.
  5. Twist to the Left side. Bring right hand to left knee. Look over your left shoulder.
  6. Fold forward bending at the waist.
  7. Side stretch to the right by bringing your right forearm to the ground and stretching your left arm over your ear.
  8. Side stretch to the left by bringing your left forearm to the ground and stretching your right arm over your ear.
  9. Inhale the arms up over head. Exhale the arms open in a V shape. Repeat 3Xs.
  10. Come to hands in knees with a neutral spine.
  11. Make a big hip circle to the right side. Repeat 3Xs.
  12. Make a big hip circle to the left side. Repeat 3Xs.
  13. Puppy pose. Tuck the toes, bring the hips over the ankles but not resting on the ankles. Stretch the arms long in front of you. Head can come down to the mat.
  14. Plank pose. Hold for 3 breaths.
  15. Downward Facing Dog.
  16. Take a flow by rolling into Plank and then pushing back into Downward Facing Dog. Repeat 3Xs.
  17. Rest in Puppy pose. 3 breaths.
  18. Come to all fours with a neutral spine.
  19. Low lunge right side. Inhale the arms up and exhale the arms open to a V shape. Repeat 3Xs.
  20. All fours neutral spine.
  21. Cat/cow. Repeat 3Xs.
  22. Low lunge left side. Inhale the arms up and exhale the arms open to a V shape. Repeat 3Xs.
  23. Rest in child’s pose.

Hopefully you feel an opening in hips, chest, and heart. I want to know what you thought of it! Leave me a note about your experience!

Be True. Be You. Be EXTRAordinary.

Love, Nicole

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