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In this post I am sharing my favorite poems and sayings for the soul. Throughout these soulful poems you will find beautiful soul quotes for her.

So, read on for perfect mindful living quotes to live by.

“The Guest House” By Rumi

“The Guest House” by Rumi was first introduced to me by my yoga teacher.

It is one of the most popular works of Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī, a 13th-century Persian poet, faqih, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic. 

I love this poem for how it reminds me of the truth about the human experience. Each day we encounter new parts of ourselves that are to teach us something about who we are and what our purpose is here on earth. It reminds me, that our time is temporary, and experiences are temporary. We must welcome them, move through them, live in them, and continue on.

I hope “The Guest House” by Rumi inspires you as much as it does me.

The Guest House by Rumi

Do It Anyway By Mother Teresa

“Do It Anyway” by Mother Teresa is a set of guidelines for living a life of true purpose.

I find myself all too often worried about other people and it blocks me from living out my true potential.

It is an ongoing process of staying true to my own heart, resisting the urge to allow others to shape who I know I am, and redirecting my focus back to my own work that has helped me move forward in my life with more love and joy.

It is tough sometimes, but Mother Teresa’s words inspire me to keep going.

Mother Teresa, honored in the Catholic Church as Saint Teresa of Calcutta, was an Albanian-Indian Roman Catholic nun and missionary. Mother Teresa was a Nobel Peace Prize winner and is known around the world for her charitable work with the poor, sick, and suffering.

I believe her to be such an example of sainthood on earth, and living a life with pure and true empathy.

I hope you enjoy her words, “Do It Anyway”, as much as I do.

Do It Anyway by Mother Teresa

Awakening Now By Danna Faulds

The poem “Awakening Now” by Danna Faulds was first sent to me by a friend when I was going through a hard moment. I fell in love with the words as they inspired me to step into a new period of my life.

I love finding inspiration from artists that really understand the human experience and aren’t afraid to dig into those deep feelings.

Danna Faulds is definitely one of those artists. Her work inspires me at a very deep level. I love reading her poetry to my yoga students in my classes, and I hope you will enjoy digging into “Awakening Now” by Danna Faulds as much I do!

Danna Faulds is a poet who credits the practice of meditation with giving her reliable access to a vivid inner life and creative voice. She is the author of seven books of poetry.

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Awakening Now - Danna Faulds

If you loved this poem as much as I do, support the author Danna Faulds. Here is a link to the book for purchase on Amazon. *I am not affiliated with Amazon or Danna Faulds, and receive no compensation for this recommendation, I just want to support Danna Faulds because I love her work.

The Journey By Mary Oliver

“The Journey” by Mary Oliver is a poem for the soul, that will inspire you as you take steps to move toward the life you have always wanted to live. I love sharing poems and inspirational quotes that uplift us in times of hurt and help inspire us to look at life in new ways.

Mary Oliver is a Pulitzer Prize winning author. She began her poetry journey at just 14 years old as a way to cope with a difficult childhood. I find her writing to have such a special ability to touch on the intense and complicated emotions that we all experience.

“The Journey” is one of my favorites! I hope sharing it will help her work touch and heal many more souls.

The Journey by Mary Oliver

Did this poem inspire you? Let me know in the comments!

Click here for a link to purchase a book of poems by Mary Oliver. *I am not affiliated with Amazon or Mary Oliver’s work and do not receive any compensation for this post. Just want to share her poetry!

“The Soul Would Have No Rainbow If The Eyes Had No Tears”

“The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears”

This is a Native American proverb I learned during my time around the Grand Canyon. As I sat on the ledge of the cliff peering across the eight mile divide of the canyon, I was reminded of where I am in my life today and the places I have been before.

During my time of tears, struggling with grief and anxiety, I felt miles away from this person I am today. The divide in my heart felt like it would break me. I wasn’t sure I could ever get across to the other side.

And yet, here I am. Healthy, happy, at peace. I am only able recognize how incredible life is now, because I once lived on the other side of that canyon.

I only see the beauty of life now so vividly because I know how hard it was to make the decision to cross the divide and work towards getting to the other side. My soul experiences the rainbows because I lived in the tears for a time.

Today I sat on the edge of the divide, thousands of feet in the sky, soaring with the ravens knowing that I am here because I was once so far down below.

I want you to know this. If you are in the midst of hard time, you can climb your way back up. The hike may be long and tough, but you can make it. And remember that it is only through these tears that your soul will recognize your rainbow when you reach the mountain top.

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