Find An Online Wellness Coach

If creating the healthy lifestyle that we all desire was easy, then everyone would be able to do it. The truth is health is hard!

There are so many factors that contribute to how well we live – body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Many factors contribute to how we view health and wellness. This includes:

  • our lifestyle as a child
  • trauma and experiences from our past
  • cultural expectations
  • stress we encounter on a daily basis and in our past
  • food intolerances
  • physical abilities and disabilities
  • personality-driven tendencies
  • personal views of the world
  • spiritual & religious beliefs and customs
  • age
  • illness

This is not an exhaustive list but looking at it you can easily see that nearly every person will have a slightly different view on health and wellness. This certainly counters the “diet-mentality” and the one-size-fits all ideals of many diets and exercise programs.

That is why wellness counseling has become an extremely important component of healthcare. Around the world, healthcare professionals with advanced degrees are also being accredited as wellness counselors as a way to better learn how to integrated the WHOLE person when treating patients.

Healthcare professionals are also relying heavily on wellness coaches as the new approach to making change, instead of leaning on unnecessary weight-loss surgeries, pure determination, fad diets, unhealthy exercising, and poor self-esteem. Wellness coaches are there to provide one-on-one and one-of-kind support, accountability, nurturing, and education to their clients.

They also help clients observe unhealthy patterns in their lives, and guide them in making positive changes that are based on the client’s ideals. Wellness coaches assist clients make long-term plans for their wellness and health, something very important in the “get thin fast” mentality of today’s world.

Are you interested in hiring a wellness coach? In this article I will be reviewing how to find an online wellness coach.

What Is a Health & Wellness Coach?

Health and wellness coaching is the intersection of health information and behavior change. Health coaches have a working knowledge of diet, lifestyle, and nutrition. They understand how these contributors to health affect the body, which helps them understand and empathize with their clients health challenges.

Health and wellness coaches are there to do just that, help coach you through changes that you want to make in your health and well-being.

What Is Wellness Counseling? 

Wellness counseling is typically classified or known as health and wellness coaches. Generally though, unlike all coaches, wellness counselors have obtained a Bachelor’s degree, and a wellness counseling certification by an accredited health and wellness program.

Personally, I obtained my wellness counseling certification from Cornell University, my bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University, and my Yoga Alliance accredited certification from Wild Lotus Yoga in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Like many wellness coaches and counselors I have studied how to help people uncover and discover unhealthy patterns in their life that are keeping them from reaching their wellness goals. Wellness counselors do this in a client-centered way.

This means that the client gets to set their own goals, and to be in charge of their own wellness. Counselors are trained to listen, to give people tools to use in their lives, and to gradually build more awareness for a healthier life. Wellness counseling is about integrating all aspects of a person’s life – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Wellness counselors listen to you. They take in all of the aspects of you that are listed above, so that your plan and goals fit the unique goals that you want for yourself and only go as far as your own desires for change.

Wellness counselors are trained in the Wheel of Wellness theoretical model that is used for individual and group counseling interventions. The Wheel of Wellness came from reviews of cross-disciplinary studies to identify and study how health, quality of life, and longevity all correlate.

If you are interested in finding an online wellness coach or counselor and learning if this is a good fit for you, I offer free inquiry calls to talk with me and see if it is something that would be helpful for you.

Benefits of Using an Online Health & Wellness Coach

A wellness coach is there to help guide you in your personal wellness journey. They are there for you every step of the way so you don’t have to feel alone, scared, or overwhelmed making the changes that you need to live your best life!

Let’s review all the benefits of finding an online wellness coach to improve your life.

Provide Emotional Support

Creating change in your life is no easy task emotionally or mentality. It can also feel at times lonely in the beginning when you are changing habits and others around you are not.

Having a support system to lean on can be the difference in success for making your change or giving up on goals.


Health and wellness coaches will be there to make sure you are sticking to your goals. They will help you stay disciplined and hold you accountable for your actions.

Just showing up for weekly counseling is typically enough to help keep people motivated and on track.

Gain Clarity

Many times people know they need change, but they aren’t sure what they really want. When you find an online wellness coach he or she will help you uncover and discover what your true desires are, and then take steps to start to work on these goals.

For example, if you know you want to be healthier but what does that mean for you? A wellness coach can help you find specific goals so you can start the process.

Create a Personalized Plan

Just liked we listed at the beginning, there are so many aspects and experiences that create a person. There is no one-sized-fits all approach to wellness coaching.

A health and wellness coach can help you create the plan that is JUST right for you!

Get Expert Help

If we look specifically at wellness counselors, they are highly trained and typically have a specialty that they work within. This is extremely helpful so you have the knowledge and scientific evidence to back up your health plan.

Unbiased Input

You have probably had to sift through the “health advice” from others many times. Different people in your life bring with them emotional and mental baggage.

Talking with someone that is unbiased in your life can be life-changing and freeing. You will find the anonymity allows you to get much more honest about your lifestyle and habits, which in the long run allows you to make greater health changes.

Get Counseling Anywhere You Are

One of the benefits of using an online wellness coach is that you can be anywhere in the world and still have access to your wellness coach.

Online Wellness Coach Specialties

Before I sign off on the benefits of finding an online wellness coach, I also want to review the areas I specialize in.

Mindfulness and Mindful Eating

I am a certified Yoga Alliance accredited yoga teacher that has been teaching people the power of mindfulness and mindful eating for years through my Mindful Elimination Diet program. I created the five pillars of mindful eating, that I teach in my program to help people understand how to mindfully eat the foods they love, with better presence and awareness of where your food comes from and the ingredients in them.

Unraveling Past Experiences That Effect Health Habits Now

I believe that each experience we have has both positive and negative come together to create our habits and our relationship with our bodies and food. By talking through past lived experiences and understanding the emotions that come with those experiences, I believe that it helps you understand yourself better and allow you to make better choices moving forward.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

I love to help people learn to read labels in a new way! Skipping over the calories and learning about ingredients. Many times it is not the style of food that we are eating that is keeping us unhealthy, but the ingredients in the food. Learn the science-based reasons to anti-inflammatory eating and what that really means.

Meditation and Yoga

I am a trained yoga teacher. Yoga and meditation has proven to have profound effects on body, brain, mental function.

I love to incorporate some of these techniques into sessions or to help educate you on how to bring these practices into your life. Spiritual relationship is very important and the center of the Wheel of Wellness.

I do not push any religious ideals, but instead help you tap into your own personal beliefs on a new level.

Kind, Open, & Sensitive

While I help you to stay on track and accountable, I also believe in non-judgment, honesty, deep understanding, and kindness. I strive to create a comfortable environment where clients feel heard and supported unconditionally.

If you are struggling with any of the above issues or feel like I could be a good wellness coach for you, go ahead and setup a FREE discovery call now.

How to find a health coach.

How Finding an Online Wellness Coach Will Change Your Life

You can change your life if you desire to do so. You just may not be able to do it alone, and that is okay.

People need encouragement, accountability, they need to feel supported, and they need help. A wellness coach can be that person for you. If you have tried muscling through a diet and fitness plan and yo-yoing back in forth, then know you are not alone.

So many people spend their whole lives trying to find health and wellness. Instead why not try letting someone help you navigate the overwhelming wellness industry and help guide you, support you, and empower you.

Checklist For Deciding If Finding An Online Wellness Coach Could Help You

Use this list as a guide to see if wellness coaching is right for you.

  • Do you find it difficult to prioritize your health in any one of these categories: physically, mentally, spiritually and/or emotionally
  • Do you tend to swing “on a diet” and “off a diet” regularly?
  • Do you try a lot of new health products and fads only to give up after a few weeks?
  • Do you find it hard to stick to health plans you have made in the past?
  • Do you struggle with presence and having a positive mindset?
  • Do you often feel overstressed?
  • Do you consider yourself a perfectionist and judge yourself harshly?
  • Do you have physical health problems that can be improved with lifestyle change?
  • Do you struggle with low energy and poor motivation?
  • Do you have a poor relationship with your body?
  • Do you want to change the way you feel, but don’t know where to start?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then working with a wellness counselor could be a great choice for you!

Is it time for you to find an online wellness coach?

Health and wellness coaching has become the go-to help for many people looking to make long-lasting, positive change in their lives. If you need individualized help in creating the life you always wanted, virtual wellness coaching can be the answer you have been waiting for.

Contact me today for your FREE discovery call.