Realign In Five Minutes to Reset and Let Go of Pain

You can realign in five minutes to reset and let go of pain. Sometimes we need to hit the reset button.

The last week I’ve struggled. Its been a week of sick babies, a few disappointments, and a week of spinning my wheels.

It’s been a week of the back and forth with myself of the “I’m not good enough” and “yes, I’m good enough” game.
I had a few ups, followed by a few downs.
Isn’t that life though?

Just when it starts to come together, it can just as easily become more difficult.

But I come to my mat and I’m reminded that all the situations are just that- a moment of time. They don’t define me or my life unless I allow them to.

They don’t create hardships or stress unless I allow them to.
They don’t change me unless I allow them to.
And no one. No one, can affect my spirit unless I allow them to.

So I go to my mat. I lie there in prayer. I turn my palms up to God. I let go of the chaos, I let go of the overwhelmed mind, I let go of the pain of every day life.

I lie on my mat and surrender. I silently and without trying allow my soul to rest. I give myself permission to not live in the situation any longer. Instead I give myself permission to let the things of this world go. I lie in gratitude of all that I do have – all the beautiful parts
I have to do this practice over and over and over again, because I want to cling to my situations.

But each time I get a little stronger. Each time I move beyond the earthly a little more. Each time I strengthen my spirit within. Each time I find a little more peace.

If you are overwhelmed, tired, frazzled, feeling burdened and weary- try this:
Grab your phone, set an alarm for 5 minutes, and then lie on your back, legs fallen out, arms by your side with your palms facing up. Gently close your eyes and stay in this position for the full 5 minutes. Before you begin your five minutes declare out to God as you know him, that you give your burdens to him and you will now rest. When the thoughts of this life come to mind let them float away. Fall asleep, drift away, dream. When you finish your time you may find the answers.

nicole schoolfield in corpse pose yoga pose
nicole schoolfield in corpse pose yoga pose


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