What to Wear to Yoga Class (Including Shoes) for Females & Males

Are you off to your first yoga class? Or maybe you just don’t like the yoga clothing you currently use. Either way it’s not always straightforward understanding what you need to wear.

From the best types of leggings to the ideal sports bra to workout in, I’ve got you covered. Let’s get started discussing what to wear to yoga class with this ultimate guide!

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Types of Clothing To Wear for Yoga Class

Like any other workout class, yoga can leave you feeling sticky and sweaty – especially if you opt for the infamously clammy hot yoga! With that in mind, you will want to wear clothing that doesn’t stick to your body. This means you want sweat-absorbing, breathable materials that leave you feeling fresh even after intense workouts.

Many yogis choose to work out in just shorts and a sports bra, but you should opt for whatever makes you most comfortable. Comfort during yoga practice is of utmost importance.

Yoga is all about relieving stress and strengthening the mind-body connection. Doing so is difficult when you’re not even meeting the minimum requirements for comfort.

In terms of how tight or loose your clothing should be, avoid clothing that’s so tight it will constrict your movement, but don’t choose something too flowy either. Loose material can easily get caught and trapped during one of your poses.

What To Wear To Yoga Class for Females

If you’re looking to start yoga as a woman, the good news is it’s relatively easy to find clothing to keep you cool and comfortable in your classes. Here’s everything you’ll need in your yogi wardrobe.

Sports Bra

A sports bra is a must for making sure you stay supported during even the most vigorous workouts. Remember, different types of sports bras are better for different breast sizes and types of workouts. If you have a large chest you’ll need to look for a high-impact sports bra to support you, especially during a particularly lively flow.

My top picks:


There are various tops to choose from when it comes to yoga attire, including tank tops, T-shirts, long-sleeved T-shirts, or vests. Long-sleeved tops aren’t recommended for hot yoga as you might overheat.

I recommend going with a slightly looser style, but not a top that’s so loose it will impede your yoga practice. Look for natural, breathable fabrics that will leave you feeling cooler.

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Yoga typically involves a lot of bending and stretching, so you’ll need to avoid any materials that are restrictive. The go-to item of clothing for your bottom half in a yoga class is yoga pants or yoga leggings.

Yoga pants and leggings are made with materials that are sports-friendly while being flexible enough to allow you to hit all your favorite poses. Look for high-quality material like stretchy cotton.

You will also want to make sure they’re thick enough so as not to be see-through. You certainly don’t want the rest of the class seeing your underwear while you’re in downward dog or doing a standing forward fold.

My top picks:

Socks & Shoes

Most yogis practice with bare feet as it allows you to feel the connection between your feet and the floor. You tend to leave your shoes at the door when you enter a yoga class.

If for hygiene and comfort reasons you don’t want to be barefoot, you can leave your shoes or socks on during the lesson. In this case, the best footwear option is sneakers or another comfortable shoe.

If you choose to work out in just socks be very careful not to slip on the floor. I recommend getting socks with grip, there are even socks made specifically for yoga. Finally, remember to keep your feet firmly on a grippy yoga mat or yoga towel at all times.


There’s no one way you have to wear your hair for a yoga class, but it’s best to make sure it’s not in the way of your practice. Most people choose to wear their hair in a ponytail or a bun to ensure it doesn’t dangle in their face during poses or flows.

What clothes to wear to yoga class.

What Should Males Wear To Yoga Class?

Men should follow similar guidelines for their clothing in terms of choosing comfortable, breathable, and properly fitting items. On top, men won’t need a sports bra. They should opt for a tank top or T-shirt that allows for flexibility.

In terms of pants, male yogis are guaranteed a comfortable workout in some form of sports shorts or bottoms. Like female yogis, barefoot is the most common choice of footwear. But if preferred, a comfortable pair of sneakers with socks could be worn. Men with longer hair should follow suit and tie it up to avoid disruption to poses or flows.

What To Wear To Yoga Class If You’re a Plus-Size Yogi

Plus-size yogis should wear the same yoga clothing as discussed above – they might just be a little more difficult to find. Luckily, you can find cheap plus-size yoga clothing on Amazon in a wide variety of sizes.

Girlfriend Collective has yoga pants which go up to size 6XL, perfect for curvy yogis. Lululemon has yoga clothing that goes up to size 20. Yoga classes are an inclusive environment, so you should feel comfortable in stylish yoga clothing no matter your size!

What Socks & Shoes To Wear To Yoga Class?

As discussed above, yoga classes are typically performed barefoot. You don’t have to consider footwear.

But you do need footwear to wear to and from class. I recommend shoes, such as sneakers, which are easy to slip on and off when you arrive and leave class.

If you’d prefer to wear socks for hygiene or personal preference reasons, choose socks that are specially designed for yoga. These are socks that have sticky pads on the bottom to stop your feet from slipping.

What To Wear To a Hot Yoga Class

For a hot yoga class you should wear similar clothes. Swap out a long-sleeved top for a tank top. While shorts can be a good idea, your sweaty legs might chafe together if they’re prone to doing so. Bear this in mind before reaching for the shorts.

Looser tops can help keep you cool. Additionally, you will want to avoid wearing too many layers. Some yogis choose to do hot yoga in just a sports bra.

Can I Do Yoga In Long Sleeves?

You can absolutely do yoga in long sleeves, but there are a few things to consider. First, the sleeves shouldn’t be so loose that you could get them caught and end up falling.

Also, if you’re doing a hot yoga session or something particularly vigorous, long sleeves might be too hot. In this instance, you’re better off going with a tank top, sports bra, or T-shirt.

Knowing what to wear to yoga class is important to ensure you are comfortable and can get the most out of your yoga practice.

When it comes to attending yoga class, being calm and comfortable throughout should be a top priority. That’s why wearing the right clothing is a must.

By choosing clothes that keep you cool (especially for hot yoga) and are neither too tight nor too loose, you can get the best out of your yoga practice. After all, feeling at your best is what yoga is all about!